Games just aren’t the same these days. Pop in the latest AAA game and it will play itself. Press the start button and you will be awarded an achievement. Walking down an endless corridors is considered great gameplay. You know what? I’m sick of it and I want to bring things back to when games were actually games! Playing Contra 3 with a friend late into a school night is what fun is all about. You don’t care that your gonna regret it in the morning because you need to kill that damn alien and save the world. This game was fun because it was challenging and required teamwork with a friend. The same game made today would have checkpoints every 5 steps and an option to buy the 12-pack, super saver, spread gun package for only $9.95.

Becoming an Indie Game Developer has been a humbling experience, but if all goes well, we will help bring back the FUN era of gaming.


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