Sneakpeak to V4 update! iOS version coming soon!

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Birdy Flap Tops Windows 8 Store!

Birdy Flap number 1 on win8

I’ve always wanted to get one of my games on that list. Now I need I need to improve it’s ranking. I rushed out an early build, which seems to have come back to haunt me now. But I’ve released 2 updates in a matter of days and now the game is significantly better (V3 is currently being certified on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Andriod). There’s still plenty I want to add, so I hope you keep playing it! Thanks so much for playing, I hope I can return the favor with continue updates to make the game better.

Download on Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Amazon.

Blocks VS

Compete with a friend in Blocks VS! Each player controls there blocks by moving their finger around. Tapping will rotate the block and tapping the hold box will hold it.

See who can survive the longest!


screenshot  win 8 (4) screenshot Win 8 (1) screenshot win 8 (2) screenshot win 8 (5)

Download for free:

Windows 8

Windows Phone: Coming this week.

Android: Coming by the end of the month.

IOS: Next Month.

Tizen: In the store, but you probably don’t have a Tizen device just yet.

Honey Heist Released for WP7! (free)

Honey Heist is now in the WP7 marketplace for free! You are a bumble bee trying to acquire pollen, but you must stealthily fly through the level so that you are not detected by enemy bees. Once you gather the pollen, return back to the honeycomb.